A Season of Shhhh

It all started with an imaging exercise we did at a church leadership event.  I was to imagine walking from my home, to a park and from there a wooded path to a clearing.  I was to visualize sitting in a comfortable place in the clearing and then imagine that Jesus joined me.  I visualized it all…the park, the path, the beautiful clearing…me sitting there and then Jesus arriving.  He looked a little like Kevin Costner did a few years ago. What can I say, my Jesus is cute.

In my imagining, I was eager to talk to him.  I had questions to ask, issues to share, bones to pick. Every time in this exercise that I opened my mouth my Jesus told me to hush.  He did it in a nice Jesus/Kevin Costner kind of way.  I’d say, “But Jesus…”   “Shh, Cindy.”   “But…”  “Shhh”

Finally, I stopped talking and just sat with him.  It became pleasant after a while.  No words, nothing…just silence and the two of us sitting there together.

The visioning exercise surprised me, after all, I was the one doing the visioning, why was I imagining silence when I wanted so badly to talk?

I don’t know.  All I do know is that visioning exercise ushered in a season of shhh in my life.  A season where I have been called to be quiet; to be still; to be; to heal; to wait.  I have tried to honor that.  But, honestly, being quiet is tough.  I keep wanting to write something, tweet something, text something. I’m a pastor in love with words…I love to write them, speak them, journal them.  I had speaking engagements that I cancelled because I felt so strongly that I needed to hush.  

Only now do I feel the stirrings that perhaps it is okay to say a little something.  What I want to say is only that shhhh is not all that bad.  Maybe a season of shhhh is a good counter to the overload of life and communication as we know it.

Feeling overwhelmed?  Feeling stretched? Try shhhh.   


1 thought on “A Season of Shhhh”

  1. Not easy nor is it at all natural for me to not be talking, but…you are a pretty incredible mentor, so I will consider this. Sounds like a good Lenten thing. Thank you forsharing.

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