Have you ever experienced the power of a verse and a visual? A little over three years ago when I received a shocking breast cancer diagnosis, a friend reminded me of Psalm 91 which is all about God watching over us and protecting us.  Out of that Psalm, she highlighted one particular verse, God will cover you with feathers and under God’s wings you will find refuge….Psalm 91:4.  That verse brought to my mind the words of Jesus as he wept over Jerusalem, …How often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings….Matthew 27:37.  Such powerful images of God/Jesus gathering and protecting under the shelter of loving wings.

My same friend began a feather campaign during my cancer treatment and afterwards.  She sent me feathers in the mail in cards.  She left them on the windshield of my car.  Here and there, when I least expected it, a feather.  And with every feather, the message became clearer to me, “God’s got you covered.”

Then, on my own, I started seeing feathers everywhere–on the sidewalk, in my yard, at the beach.  Once, I spied the tiniest white downy feather in the parking lot on my way to get a mammogram. (No one likes mammograms but after you’ve had breast cancer they are particularly scary and happen every six months.)  I’ll never forget the reassuring feeling that one tiny feather gave me.

And then today, the best feather of all.  On my morning walk I came across a feather well over a foot long.  I’m not exaggerating.  I don’t even know how big the bird was that gave that one up. The message though, was loud and clear, “I’ve got you covered, big time.”  Alone on my walk, it made me smile and then cry a few happy tears.

Never underestimate the power of a verse and a visual.

1 thought on “Feathers”

  1. Beautiful! Right after Ken died, I heard the cooing of a dove out in my backyard. I hadn’t ever remembered hearing it before and it was so loud and so peaceful at the same time. I was longing to see him and hear Ken’s voice once again and I guess that was my visual. That dove has remained an inhabitant in our backyard; even once mating and laying eggs on the top of a column on our pergola. I’ve watched those 2 birds bring 2 babies into the word–right outside my window. Everytime I see a dove and/or hear their coo, I think of Ken and my heart fills with peace. I know He is with our Heavenly Father, watching over all.

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