Fifty Shades of Grey

I’m talking about the weather, of course.  What were you thinking of?  Our mild winter here in Texas took a negative turn these last few weeks and now we just have day after day of grey. I know we have it good in Texas, weather-wise (not including summers.) I know there are places that experience months of grey every year.  The difference is, we aren’t used to this.  We are no more equipped for grey than we are for ice; at least I’m not.

My mood gets grey.  My outlook gets grey.  My attitude turns grey.  Fifty shades of grey, or more. What do you do when that happens? Create your own color.  One flower in a vase helps me.  Wearing something bright helps. Lights on verses off.  Prayer. Exercise no matter what.  Today, I walked in the rain and it did help.  Shouldn’t rain walking give you twice the calorie burn as pretty day walking? Lunch with a friend is good. Music. Planning that summer beach vacation works.

Spring will come.  It always does.  The sun will shine again and the grey will dissolve. When they do, I know I will be fifty shades of thankful for the sun and our blue Texas skies.

1 thought on “Fifty Shades of Grey”

  1. I had to be out in it all day…in and out of it, and I found with a purpose, it didn’t matter what the sky looked like. Without purpose in a day, even a sunny sky can feel grey!

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