For 2015, I chose to focus on one word: enjoy.  That one word guides my prayer life, daily activities, attitude and goals.  It’s a good word for me because I tend to be super responsible, overly serious and in the last few years, a bit of a worrier.  The one word, enjoy, keeps me focused on the present, which is all we have anyway.

Just today I’ve enjoyed:

the fact that I had a good night’s sleep,

hot coffee,

the morning paper,

journaling, prayer and devotional time,

a good walk with my husband and new puppy (except for the part where I fell and skinned my knee- shouldn’t I have aged out of falling and skinning my knee by now?),

seeing my boys off to work and school.

birds singing,

that new green color of spring,

the sound of my patio fountain and now the rain,

a hot shower,

the chance to write this blog…all this and it’s barely even 9 a.m.

So much to enjoy; so grateful.

1 thought on “Enjoy”

  1. It is wonderful to pack so much good into a morning! Except for the fall and the knee! It is like having a temporpedic mattress to cushion the rest of whatever the day brings! My friends who are in our Pilates class every Wed. Morning at church in room 2001 say it has helped with their balance which has changed with the years! You might be interested at 8:30 with Maxine. $5.00 whenever you are there. Open to all!

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