Already Wrapped in Layers of Love

We are getting ever so close to our first grandbaby’s due date. I bought Half and Half that expires after his July 1 due date, so it’s close! We all: friends, extended family and of course, his parents and grandparents are just abuzz with anticipation.  When we will he come?  How will it unfold?  What will he look like?  What will he need?  Will we be able to   provide for him?  Will he like to be rocked? We have rocking chairs poised and ready. I wonder if he will like being swaddled? We have many blanket options on hand.

The baby showers are happening. Relatives and friends are layering in the love and good wishes already. I even had a surprise Mimosa shower (that’s my grandmother name–it’s a long story and yes, I love it.)  My coworkers gave me children’s books for Mimosa’s house.  The titles of those books, “Love You Forever,” “You’re Here for a Reason,” “I Love You Night and Day,” “How Do I Love You?” and “Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You” speak of the messages that will be layered in and lavished on him immediately upon birth.

On Saturday, my daughter and I had fun opening all the packages of crib sheets and little hooded towels. We took the tags off of countless cute outfits and tiny socks. We created three piles of laundry to wash and fold and put away in his nursery. You know it is real when there is laundry involved. You also know he is already a Texas Aggie because he had one whole pile of maroon clothes.

I found myself thinking of other pregnancies and babies being born around the world. I know not everyone is wrapped in layers of love before they arrive here. Not everyone has good prenatal care and their own room and scores of relatives and friends awaiting them with open arms. Some babies won’t have enough to eat or even medical care from the very beginning much less multiple rocking and swaddling options on hand.

As we prepare, I pray for our grandson but also for all the others. I pray for layers and layers of love and anticipation for all children. Isn’t that really how it should be?

3 thoughts on “Already Wrapped in Layers of Love”

  1. Yes, Mimosa, that IS how it should be! Grateful for what we are given, what we get to be a part of in lives we know and in those we don’t, but can make a difference for. So happy you share your joy in such a wonderful way!

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