Baby Lessons

Mondays and Tuesdays. Those are normally the most difficult and routine days of the week, filled with back to work,  school and chores usually. It seems those two days are the least likely to be fun.

Not so for me right now. Life has fallen pleasantly so that I’m spending Mondays and Tuesdays with our two month old grandson while his mom returns to her Speech Pathologist job. It’s worked out even though they live 5 hours away. I’m helping only for a season, which makes it even sweeter.

We are only on week two, but already we have both taught each other things.

He’s been exclusively breastfed so far so taking a bottle has been hard for him. I had to teach him the first lesson: you don’t always get the meal you want, sometimes you just have to eat. Thankfully, I’m very persuasive.

The rest of the lessons, he has taught me:

-Everything is worse when you are tired, wet or hungry. Address those things and life is much better.

-Warm baths also change everything.

-When things are not working, change something. Even just rolling over can lend a whole new perspective.

-Try music.

-It’s nice to have colorful, beautiful things to look at.

-The more people who love you the better.

-Sometimes you just need to be held.







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