We are about to undertake two home projects that we have put off for way too long: new ceilings (minus the popcorn) and new floors. This is good news in general. However, it means two major things before we will enjoy all this newness. One, our house will have workers in it for at least a month or more. Two, we have to move everything that has either a ceiling over it or a floor under it. Yes. That would be pretty much everything we own.

Currently, we are about 1/3rd through this moving while living here process. Did I mention they will start on Monday with phase one? I started on the rooms I believed had been previously purged and had almost nothing in them. I was wrong.

As I sort, I keep saying, “Why?” Why do we have 3 different Monopoly games? Why do I have a Grey’s Anatomy game?  Why did my adult children that no longer live with me leave me so much stuff?  Why do I have their letter jackets? Graduation gowns? Prom dresses? Yearbooks?  Why did they leave me shoes and hats and school notebooks? Why did they win so many trophies?

Why do we have soooooooooooo many books?  Why do I have crumbling macaroni artwork from everyone’s childhood? Why is everything so heavy? Why do I have so much stuff under each bed? What is wrong with us? I even found a whole window under a bed. I do not know why I have a window under a bed, I just do.

As I write, I’m really supposed to be tackling my bedroom and closet. That’s why I’m writing. I do not want to face my closet and my ridiculous amount of clothes and shoes. In addition to saying “Why?”, I keep saying “Forgive me, God.” Forgive me for stockpiling and hoarding and collecting. Forgive me for having so much. Forgive me for holding on to things. I should just be holding onto people.

This year, my guiding word has been “Release.” It has worked well for me and actually led me to all kinds of transformation. Now, I need to release stuff…and, fast.

This week an anonymous quote inspired me, “The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.”  So did this one by Carie Clark, “Organized clutter is still clutter. Get rid of it.”

So, here goes. Enough being inspired by quotes. Enough writing about it. Into the closet I go, to release.





2 thoughts on “Stuff…Why?”

  1. There is a real lightness in getting rid of stuff. A freedom. A sweetness knowing your stuff will be needed, loved, enjoyed by others. You’ve experienced it before and now, in a new way as you prepare for this lovely re-do for your home.

  2. I have experienced the same thing myself when we remodeled our house starting just over a year ago. I decided to get the clutter out of our house gets the clutter out of our lives, too. Great feeling.

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