No Words: Just Prayers

So many things to feel right now. Last week (was that only last week?) began with an eclipse in North American that captured our attention for a while. That pleasantly distracted us from the difficulties and horror of Charlottesville before that. Then, seemingly out of nowhere Hurricane Harvey ripped into Texas and is still planted here, devastating communities and uprooting thousands and thousands of people.

For me, personally, the rest of life kept happening too. A son off to college and seeing him again after an intense 10 day boot camp environment. An empty nest that grieved me and freaked me out too. Officiating a beautiful wedding of people I cherish. Friends going through deep losses and more than difficult life situations.

Our daughter, son-in-law and baby grandson live 30 minutes from the coast of Texas. Their town, Dickinson, has been on the national news since Saturday. It is now under mandatory evacuation. It is still raining there.

My nest is no longer empty. We’ve added a couple of adults, a baby and 2 big dogs to the household. Seeing the devastation and upheaval on the news is one thing. When it is people and places you know, it is excruciating. Our daughter’s best friend is a nurse. She actually kayaked to work a few days ago. The hospital is understaffed, over full, rationing food. The staff is working back to back shifts with little sleep, no showers, all while not knowing about the status of their own homes.

If you think too long about the damage of the floods to the infrastructure, economy and health of this huge area, it is more than overwhelming.

One time, when I was in the midst of a health crisis, I had a nightmare that I was swimming in the deep of the ocean in the middle of the night. I could not see shore. The water was black around me. In the dream, I felt sharks bumping me. I woke up terrified and gasping for air. From deep in my heart came a scripture that I must have memorized along the way. I did not think of it. It just rose up inside me. “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.” Isaiah 43:2 Those words brought immediate peace and relief to me.

Today, I have so many feelings but not too many good words. Today, this scripture is a prayer in my heart for all who are touched by this hurricane or of pain and terrors of other types. God, send the comfort and reassurance of your Holy Spirit and give us peace. Amen     


6 thoughts on “No Words: Just Prayers

  1. Karen Watson

    Amen. Thanks for the reminder of scripture, so fitting, as I have a lump in my throat watching the news from afar. So sad to see where I grew up so devastated. I am beyond grateful my family and friends are all safe and have not lost everything, like so many have. Glad your family came up here, out of harms way. Prayers will continue.

  2. Sally Itz

    Thank you Cindy for sharing the stories and feelings of friends batttling thru the storms for the hurricane, and followed by God’s word in Isiah 43:2. . . The message that God does not leave us or forsake us!
    Thanks Be To God for Your Blessings of Peace! 😇🎉💞
    Sally I.

  3. Benita Burchfield

    Thank you Cindy and so glad your family is safe with you at this time. We have a cousin who is a Deputy Sheriff with the Harris County Police Dept and is flying helicopter rescue missions, I see how tired he is on his Facebook pictures! Praying for all responders, Doctors, Nurses, hospital staff, Police & Fire along with all families affected by this incredible storm!

  4. J'Lyn Ryan

    Thank you Cindy. I was grateful for your words when I first read them as I was struggling with the ever-blasting news from the coast. Today, September 1, I find myself struggling. Thanks for these words. I do know God is faithful and His love endures forever.


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