faith, Pandemic Wisdom

Word Overload

My vocation is tied to words. I'm either speaking them or writing them. I officiate funerals and weddings. I preach. I do workshops and seminars. I write a blog. I speak and pray weekly on a nationwide Jesus Calling Prayer Call. But, true confession, right now I'm so tired of words, so very, very tired… Continue reading Word Overload

faith, Pandemic Wisdom

A Word in the Midst of So Many Words

In just the last 10 days the world as we know it has shifted. I've written here before about those kinds of times. Mostly our life changing moments are more individual or family related, we got that job, we had a baby, we got engaged, a diagnosis came, an accident happened, a family member died.… Continue reading A Word in the Midst of So Many Words


Night Verses Light

Our daughter has always had fun with words. She twists them, turns them and creates new ones that make more sense. When she was about three she told us she smelled a "Stunk".  Skunk is a great word but, my goodness, stunk is better. No wonder she grew up to be a very good speech pathologist.… Continue reading Night Verses Light