I have a friend who has taught me about joy.  She’s shown me that God gives us joy when we least expect it; often despite our circumstances.  Because she loves joy so much, she’s incredibly easy to buy for.  Anything with the word joy on it delights her.

This year for Christmas I bought her a rather big red sign with the word Joy boldly on it.  We met for lunch at Panera last week and there began my dilemma. The sign was really too big to wrap so the question was, do I just walk in Panera with my joy for everyone to see?  Or, should I leave the joy in the car for a more discreet after lunch presentation?

It took a minute but I finally decided joy needed to go in with me.  I set it that joy right there on the table.  My friend hasn’t had an easy time in life.  Neither have I for that matter.  Imagine the two of us, chatting over soup and salad with this huge unspeakable joy between us.  That’s the beauty of the kind of joy God gives.

On Sunday, I’m preaching about Biblical/Christmas joy.  I can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “Joy!”

  1. Thank YOU for teaching us and reminding us what joy truly is and why we should seek it even when we don’t think we could possibly find it. YOU bring JOY to this world!

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