Light in the Darkness

A couple of nights ago, it was cold and rainy here…and dark too.  Our family was snuggled up by the fire watching a Christmas special and making our holiday to-do lists.  Actually, it was more like a to-do chart.  Our doorbell rang and we looked at each other, startled.  It seemed too late for our daily package delivery but what else could it be?

It was Christmas carolers.  Carolers!  I’ve never had actual carolers at my actual door.  I’ve seen them on tv and in the movies or at the mall but not at my door.  They were young 20-somethings.  They sang a few songs, in the rain, and then one of them read some of the Christmas story from Luke’s gospel from his I-phone.  At one point, his I-phone dropped the scripture he was reading.  He floundered for a minute and then one of his buddies finished it by memory. “…for to you is born this day, in the city of David, a savior, who is Christ the Lord.”  I thought I was going to weep right there from sheer delight, wonder and surprise.  They said a prayer for our family and were on their way.

Light.  You never know when or how it will come only that God promises it and promises to find a way to deliver it right where you are.  Imagine, carolers!

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