The Gift of Normal

I’d just like to say “whew” now that the intense frenzy of the holidays is behind us.  This year seemed especially full (in a good way) of decorating; family and friends gatherings; gift exchanges of all kinds; two out-of-town college graduation celebrations; 17 church services in 10 days (I’m not even kidding); welcoming our college graduate back home for a few months which involved among other things putting furniture in the attic, which is not easy; eating too many rich good foods and a total loss of routine for a while.  Seriously, whew!

This year, I was actively aware of feeling relief as each wonderful activity finished and life gradually returned to “normal.”  It felt great to un-decorate for Christmas and see my shelves and countertops again.  I love my simpler, emptier home.  It felt good to return to healthy eating and daily exercise.  It felt great to see my husband off to work this morning after his holiday break.  It even felt great to set the alarm again after a few too many days of sleeping in.

I remember three plus years ago, newly diagnosed with breast cancer, how life suddenly turned upside down for a while; all routines ruined by emotion and too many medical appointments.  I realized then that I hadn’t appreciated enough the gift of “normal” life and health.  Ordinary days and routines are soothing, healing and good for us.

I am grateful for all that is spiritual, special and lovely for the holidays.  But today, I’m even more thankful for all that is simple, spiritual and life-giving about “normal” routines and life.

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