We are iced in today here in Texas, our first of the season.  Of course, it is nothing like the dangerous, crippling, on-going weather the Northeast has had to deal with in recent weeks.  It’s just a thin sheet of ice. But here, that’s enough to shut down schools and businesses; erase plans and meetings we thought had to happen today. Life is paused.

At first, it is hard to stop because most of us move through life with schedules so full; hurry so automatic; stress, a given. Just add a little ice and suddenly all that seemed so necessary to do today falls away and life becomes about comfy clothes, a warm fireplace, the challenge of a puzzle to work, games of cards, a good book, warm soup, hot chocolate, the family tucked in safely…a pause.

I’m know there are many who are having to work today: healthcare workers, police and firefighters, those who are working to make the roads safe to travel and others. I’m thinking about those struggling with cold or homelessness or hunger today.  I’m aware that some workers are losing income today because they can’t work. I pray for them.

But for the rest of us, too busy, too driven, too overbooked and over-scheduled, stressed and stretched, I give thanks for the pause.

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