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When Wobbly…

One of the devotionals from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young this week says, You are feeling wobbly..... Wobbly means, of course, off center, unsteady, weak, tired, filled with anxiety, uncertain or wavering. I just love the word wobbly because it seems like it rolls off the tongue sounding exactly like what it is. I immediately… Continue reading When Wobbly…


Here and Now

Have you ever found yourself disgruntled? At odds with someone or something? Have you ever had an issue with say, something going on in our world? our country? your community? church? in your family? Have you ever found yourself face to face with something that seemed unfathomable and unfair beyond measure? A diagnosis? A tragedy? An event… Continue reading Here and Now


The Teacher

Life is clearly a series of transitions. We should be used to that by now. So many I know are in the midst of some achingly abrupt and difficult transitions. The hardest ones seem to the be the ones no one asked for. I have friends who are grieving the loss of their loved ones. Some are… Continue reading The Teacher


Milestone Moments

60 years. My parents celebrated 60 years of marriage this weekend. I know, that's a lot of years of marriage. We chose a low-key celebration at their home. All four of their children were present for the day, which is rare, along with some significant others and a few grandchildren. We played games, ate their favorite… Continue reading Milestone Moments