One unexpected side effect of our empty nest is that I've grown to love silence even more. And, the opposite is true as well, noise bothers me more now. Leaf blowers are the worst. Now it seems wherever I go, leaf blowers show up, attached mostly to men. I've had times before where I've been… Continue reading Shhhhhh!


May I Have Your Attention?

Disclaimer: I am not good at what I am writing about today. Often when I speak, teach or write, people tell me, You were speaking right to me. I tell them No, I'm preaching to myself. I'm the one who needs to hear this the most. This is totally true today; I'm just preaching to… Continue reading May I Have Your Attention?


Stunned and Astonished

My truth telling friend and sometimes blog editor said, "You've become obsessed with light." He was referring to my rather newly  found fascination with sunrises and sunsets. He's right, although I would substitute the word stunned for obsessed. He assured me he was using obsessed in a good way. What I've become is awake, awed and… Continue reading Stunned and Astonished



For several years now, I've chosen a word to guide me in prayer, study and focus. This was not my idea. It is a different kind of Spiritual Discipline suggested by the work of Rachel Olsen and Mike Ashcraft. You can read more about it at At the end of each year, I start making a… Continue reading New