Stunned and Astonished

My truth telling friend and sometimes blog editor said, "You've become obsessed with light." He was referring to my rather newly  found fascination with sunrises and sunsets. He's right, although I would substitute the word stunned for obsessed. He assured me he was using obsessed in a good way. What I've become is awake, awed and… Continue reading Stunned and Astonished



It's Valentines Week, the time of year when we become Love focused for a bit. Some people feel sad during this time if romance isn't in the picture. That's unfortunate and it seems far more productive to focus on just upping our love game in general. Lately I've been writing and speaking about the art… Continue reading Love=Noticing


Your Face is Shining

I hope life isn't a big joke, because I don't get it. (Jack Handey, American Humorist) I agree with Jack, I don't get it. The older I get, the more I don't politics, plumbing or why bad things happen or even why good things happen. I'm home today with a plumber and he's helping… Continue reading Your Face is Shining


Cultivating Attentiveness

I write about some things over and over. I know this. I'm writing to myself, of course. I do the same thing when I'm preaching, speaking or telling stories. I absolutely know that I have recurring themes. Cultivating attentiveness is one of my favorites. The reason I re-visit it so often is that I have not at all mastered… Continue reading Cultivating Attentiveness