A Golden Season

Yesterday morning, as I was driving to church, I noticed the sun was at just the right angle to cast light over all the changing trees and, for a few minutes, everything just glowed golden.  It was breathtaking.

We are entering a golden season as we head toward Thanksgiving and Christmas; a golden time of gratitude and joy; of things that glitter and shine. Some years I’ve resisted the holidays, claiming we rush the arrival of Christmas and over-do just about everything, making the season gaudy, loud, stressful and over-the-top.

In my better moments, I find a way to embrace the golden season; especially the simple expressions of it…food shared with friends, one candle in a window, a worship service, a simple tree or wreath or nativity scene. No doubt, the holidays can easily be too much but they can also be rich, golden times; times like no other.  This year, I’m choosing to embrace the golden..

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