I Did it To Myself

Long time no blog! I last wrote at the end of September. My goodness. What happened? Life. Busyness. A loss of balance. My husband announced his retirement. Our son in the army deployed. We had several out-of-town fun trips plus an out-of-town work trip. I had some great speaking opportunities. What can I say, it… Continue reading I Did it To Myself

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And Now Add Advent

I just heard a commercial this morning telling us the holiday season is all about more...more buying, more parties, more festivities, more food, more fun. I cringed. For the last healing decade of my life less has been more for me. I've downsized our belongings, my wardrobe and my schedule. I do simple exercises and… Continue reading And Now Add Advent

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In Limbo

Waiting, isn't it just the worst? I know people right now who are waiting on the results of a biopsy or on the doctor's appointment to line out their treatment plan. I know people who are waiting 14 days to get out of Covid quarantine. I've personally waited with our youngest son through 2 Covid… Continue reading In Limbo