faith, Pandemic Wisdom

The Baby Thing

He's here. Our newest grandson, River Grant Ryan, arrived on December 2, just a few minutes after midnight. We believed he would be born on 12/1 but I think he was waiting to have a cool birthdate, 12/2/2020. He's beautiful and healthy, a pandemic baby from start to finish. His arrival sent a burst of… Continue reading The Baby Thing

faith, Pandemic Wisdom

Tiptoeing To Christmas

Because of our unimaginable year many people made Christmas happen super fast already. The darkness and cold of winter, the pandemic not letting up, the angst of the election, the way different kind of holiday season approaching, I get it. People are desperately in need of cheer, light and color. Christmas is something we already… Continue reading Tiptoeing To Christmas


Room, Space, Beauty…

I've been so focused on stuff and space these last months. Today is the first day in well over two months that I've been home without workers here and without needing to either move items into my house or back out of it due to our remodel project. After losing our kitchen for a while, our… Continue reading Room, Space, Beauty…