Suspended in God’s Light

Some things are too hard, too much, unbearable, really. What do we do when we find ourselves face to face with such things? I know people who have recently received difficult diagnoses of one kind or another. Some of us are in a season of letting go. Some of us are digesting news that does… Continue reading Suspended in God’s Light

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Oh 2021: We Had Such High Hopes

Today is January 11, 2021. How can we only be 11 days into this year which originally looked so sparkly and hopeful? Is it just me or has the last 11 days seemed like a whole year already? Last week when I wrote here, my family was in the middle of fighting Covid in our… Continue reading Oh 2021: We Had Such High Hopes


As Iron Sharpens Iron

Last week I lost a friend, someone exactly my age, to pancreatic cancer. As I prepared to preach at his funeral I learned he had a tattoo on his back with Proverbs 27:17 etched there. My friend, in the last five years of his life, competed in 4 full Iron Man triathlons where you swim… Continue reading As Iron Sharpens Iron