faith, Pandemic Wisdom

Still Learning

I've repeatedly quoted my wise friend here who told me to never to waste a good crisis. The global pandemic continues with no end in sight. I'm trying not to waste it. In my better moments I try to be open to what I might be learning from all this. At the same time, I… Continue reading Still Learning

faith, Pandemic Wisdom

Still In-Between And Not Happy About It

The global pandemic continues. We are still mourning what was and all we lost. Even as I watch Netflix, I grieve when I see crowds, hugs, people sharing meals, a busy NYC, people jumping in and out of cabs and more. And then there is what will be. I wish it was more like a… Continue reading Still In-Between And Not Happy About It

faith, Pandemic Wisdom

Seems We Weren’t in Control After All

What a stunning couple of weeks we have all just had. I was just visiting with someone I hadn't talked to since March 9. When this person asked about the last two weeks and I started rattling off events and changes, we were both speechless. As we sat in shock absorbing all of that, I… Continue reading Seems We Weren’t in Control After All


Bright Sadness

Today a hurricane is pressing on our eastern coast. Over the weekend there were more shootings. There was a deadly ship fire in California where many are still missing. There were personal car wrecks, diagnoses and tragedies. There was the same old political rhetoric that I can now hardly bear to hear though I care… Continue reading Bright Sadness