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A Focusing Word: Time

Have you ever allowed one word to shape your year? For some of us, this practice began because of the work of Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen with their book, My One Word, see also We all need guidance. For sure we need something positive to focus on right now. Choosing a life giving… Continue reading A Focusing Word: Time

faith, Pandemic Wisdom

Oh 2021: We Had Such High Hopes

Today is January 11, 2021. How can we only be 11 days into this year which originally looked so sparkly and hopeful? Is it just me or has the last 11 days seemed like a whole year already? Last week when I wrote here, my family was in the middle of fighting Covid in our… Continue reading Oh 2021: We Had Such High Hopes


Did You Detail the Decade Yet?

A day or so after Christmas my daughter and I were sitting outside enjoying the sunshine (because living in Texas does have benefits). I found myself doing the mothering thing, exercising my Mom superpowers telling grown up offspring what they should do. I told her, "You need to write down your decade." She stared at… Continue reading Did You Detail the Decade Yet?